July 2021

Race report: The Birdsall Blast by Jerry Tatton   It's fair to say it was a huge weekend for sport in the UK with the conclusion of Wimbledon, a certain football match, the first round of the National Downhill series and the unleashing of an all new Enduro. NRB events were the organiser and the event was the Birdsall Blast. Hosted by Birdsall estate, it's a house and home to the Willoughby family on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. With approximately 12,000 acres of land including rolling hills and forests, there's plenty to play with for the organiser. Talking with the family, James and Cara on the Saturday night you could tell of their enthusiasm of the sport, having just recently hosted the 500 rider Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon within their grounds. This was not your typical enduro though. No specific running order this time, but a mash up. This time you could run