• The multi-stage enduro will be run blind, no practice of any stage before the event starts. Any rider caught practising the stages will be disqualified from the event.
  • Walking the stages will be permitted on Saturday (1pm-4pm) and Sunday (7am-10am).
  • The event will start at 10am and the stages will close at 3pm.
  • There will be 2 laps of 5 timed stages, 10 timed stages in all.
  • The fastest timed run from each stage will be added together for a rider’s overall position.
  • Each lap will be 10 km in length, including transitions between stages.
  • When riding the stages riders can either leave a gap to the rider in front or ride down straight behind a fellow rider.
  • There are no time restraints on transitions from one stage to another, ride the event at your own pace.
  • A rider’s timing chip will be activated as they pass through the start gantry at the start of the race. If your chip is not working you will be asked to go back to the timing desk to have the chip reactivated.
  • Riders can return to the Race HQ timing desk after each lap to download their times.
  • Once your chip has been activated do not walk down the stages because you will activate a timed run. To look at stages please keep behind the course tapes.
  • Once you have started a stage you must ride to the stage finish to record your time. All stages will be taped where race organisers deem appropriate. Taping will leave suitable line choices where available, it will not allow for any significant ‘cutting’ of the race track. Any competitor seen to be crossing stage tape, marker posts or taking any route deemed to be off the official race track may be disqualified or receive a time penalty.
  • There must be no interference with the track, such as removing rocks, roots or branches. Any competitor deemed to be interfering with the track may be disqualified.

  • The multi-stage enduro must be completed on the same bike. Any rider not complying with this may be disqualified.
  • Bar end plugs or equivalent must be fitted. Any rider not complying with this may be disqualified.
  • The multi-stage enduro can be done on any bike as long as the bike is of a sound mechanical state. E-bikes must not be derestricted.
  • Any rider not complying with his may be disqualified.
  • Go-pro cameras are permitted but must be securely fitted.

  • All competitors must behave in a sporting fashion, observe all rules and instructions provided by organisers, timing staff and marshals.
  • Should you be caught by another rider in a stage the rider must inform you which side he/she intends to pass you and vice versa.
  • Any rider coming across an incident on a stage that he/she deems serious must stop immediately and inform the nearest marshal.
  • All instructions given by race officials must be observed.

  • Registration will be open from 745am-10am.
  • All competitions must register, pick up their number board and timing chip at Race HQ before starting the race.
  • Do not tamper, modify or deface number boards in any way. Failure to comply with his may result in disqualification.

  • All competitors must return to the Race HQ timing desk at the end of the event to return their timing chip, register their final lap and overall times. If a rider pulls out of the race, due to mechanical problems or injury, please return your timing chip to the Race HQ timing desk.
  • If you fail to return the timing chip you will be charged a £60 fee.

  • Helmets are compulsory and must be fastened properly at all times, including during transition between stages. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • Both full face and open face helmets are allowed. Helmets must carry a Snell, Kitemark or EN 78.
  • Gloves and eye protection are highly recommended. Knee pads and body armour are also recommended.

  • The organisers will mark out on non-competitive transition routes between timed race stages. If riders do not use the official non-competitive transition routes they may be given a time penalty or be disqualified. It is important to use the transition routes so the organisers can trace riders in case of emergency or injury. Helmets must be worn on non-competitive transition routes.

  • Your entry fee does not include personal injury insurance. The event organisers have insurance cover to run events. Riders are advised to take out personal injury insurance but it is not mandatory.

  • No liability whatsoever will be attached to the event organiser, event sponsor (s), landowner, land agent or any official of the event, in respect of any injury to rider or spectator, loss or damage to bicycle suffered by a rider in or by reason of the race, however caused.

  • MTB Male: 12-14 (rider must be accompanied by a guardian of 16 years plus at all times whilst at the event).
  • MTB Male: 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+.
  • EMTB Male: : 14-39, 40+.
  • MTB Female: 12-14 (rider must be accompanied by a guardian of 16 years plus at all times whilst at the event).
  • MTB Female: 14-39, 40+.
  • EMTB Female: 16+.
  • Hardtail 16+: For bikes with front suspension only.
  • Fun 16+: For competitors participating in their first enduro and less experienced riders. This category is pure fun racing and will not form part of any series. Once a rider has scored a podium they must race the appropriate age category.

  • £46.50: Male classes 19+.
  • £41.50: Male classes under 19 and female classes.


ROUND 1: Parkwood Offroad Centre, 20th September 2020
Parkwood Offroad Centre, Tong, near Bradford
BD4 0RR.
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